Liz in Disney

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


ok..sorry guys..but my address is:
13501 Meadow Creek Drive Apt. 401
Orlando, FL 32821

(i left out the A in meAdow)

and now for my role in show..

So this morning we met at 8:30 to get our job roles...Well..when they first gave me mine it said I would be working in Epcot at the American Adventure (which is the America part of the World Showcase)..and the guy told me I'd be wearing a colonial dress and a bonnet! I got really excited..but then I went to get my schedule and find out more info from my key person and they told me I'd be working in I'm kinda confused..and will find out more far they have me training in 4 different areas..but we'll for brian..he got Magic Tomorrow Land..He's pretty excited to be working in Magic Kingdom..although he said he would've rather been working on Main Street..which I don't know why because it would be CRAZY busy!
Then I found some bad news..our friends and family discounts have black-out dates..which means..i can't get any family or friends in the parks..or use any resort discounts from Dec. 25- Dec. 31...I was pretty upset to find that out because thats when my family was planning on coming now we have to figure something else out. I might still be able to get discount tickets..but not free passes.
We also signed up for classes today. Me and brian are both taking one of the Exploration..and is about Diversity. we only have to meet 2 hours each week on thurs....which i guess garuntees that day off for us together.
Anyway, tomorrow me and brian both have the same time to go through "traditions" which is kind of the intro to job training. After that we should know even more about our jobs..I have off on thurs., but then I begin training on Friday-Wednesday..and the hours are all at least 8 1/2 hours! yikes..Brian has off Sunday and he got lucky! Everyone wil be working on my first day off! my roomie has off friday- i think tomorrow night we are going to go to MGM studios! woo hoo! as for tonight..well it started raining..and is supposed to keep raining until tues...darn hurrican ernest...we have to go get brian's hair cut..and i have to find some professional clothes for tomorrow! fun..not really.
so thats whats goin on with me!

Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day!

Ok it goes..
This morning I was up around 7:30 gettin ready to head out to check-in. We got there around 8:15 and didn't know if we'd get in since check-in wasn't official until 9, but luckily we got right in there (along with a lot of others) and got started. The check-in probably took at least 1 hr and a half..I still haven't found out where I'm working (that will come tomorrow), but brian lives 2 complexes over..which is basically across the street. the rooms are a lot bigger than i thought they would be! I'm living in a 3 bedroom apt. (meaning theres 6 girls here!) It really isn't that bad. I got in the first room when you walk in..which luckily has its own bathroom..the other 2 rooms have to share 1 bathroom..hahahaha!
So..let me tell you about my roomates..well..the 2 that I don't know very well yet are Whitney and Allison..I don't know really anythinga bout them ya...then theres Sam and Kailey...Kailey loves to cook!! I really like her..they are both from New York and Majoring in Hotel Management..Kailey kind of reminds me of my cousin Amanda..because of the way she talks and is so friendly..I think we will have a lot of fun together..and then theres my roomate, Ashley..let me just say I FREAKIN LOVE HER! I just met her today and i feel like i've known her forever..i mean, even at walmart we caught ourselves saying the same thing at the same's reallllly good having her here because she reminds me a lot of my friends at home..and my sister at times..and i miss my emily terribly! i already know we are going to have a grrreat time here..
so then theres brian..he's doin good..his roomate is also from new orleans..bum bum BUMM..but no need to worry..he's NOTHING like Abraham (his ex-roomate at MTSU)..They seem to click well..and we all 4 went to walmart tonight..we seem to all get along really i have a feeling we'll be hanging out a for brian's other roomates..well he doesn't know them or their names..and sadly him and his roomates think they are they stay away..ha..but all is well here..and im really looking forward to an amazing experience with awesome people!!!!!!!!
I love you all..and if anyone wants to send their love..heres my address:
13501 Medow Creek Drive Apt. 401
Orlando, FL 32821

now i know you're dying for go here.. and it should be all under disney

Saturday, August 19, 2006

9 days left 'til sign in! this entire blog is dedicated to my experiences through the Disney College's for those who wonder how things are, want to keep in touch or updated, and is loaded with pictures!! So I guess this will be my first blog..
Well..I leave for the trip to Orlando in less than a week..and I can't believe it's already here!! For those of you who might be wondering..that handsome boy in the picture with me is my boyfriend, brian...he is also coming with me to we get to experience all of this together! I'm pretty nervous about how everything will turn out, but i know that no matter what happens I will grow tremendously as a person..and me and bri will grow as a couple! So the countdown begins..and the list of things-to-do is longer than ever!
Thats all for now,