Liz in Disney

Saturday, October 28, 2006

wonderful day

So today was almost perfect! Brian got off from work at 3:15 and when he got home and changed we went to....A PUMPKIN PATCH! allison, my roomate, told me about one in celebration, so I got online to look up the closest one..and it was at a methodist was pretty crappy and had barely any pumpkin left..and the ones that were there were rotting..but that wasnt the was just the fact that we were there that just made it all just after taking some pictures we left and went to walmart to get a pumpkin we could carve..while there we decided to have get dinner..and it was amazing..except they were out of rotessary (sp?) chicken..but it was ok..we ended up having chicken fingers, mac n cheese, seasoned green beans, sister shubert rolls, and.......mrs. smith pumpkin pie with whipped cream! and drank spiced was just perfect! and we watched wallace and gromit curse of the were rabbit...and then afterwards we carved our pumpkin..this year we decided to do something simple and traditional..his name is smiley..brian named him...and now we r watching the UT game and when the other roommates get home we are going to watch tower of terror! it was so nice having a date night with my briany..its been a REALLLLLY long time since we've gone or done anything actually by ourselves..and it was much needed. so now things are great...and we come home this week! yay! o ya..and on halloween we get a new roommate..not so excited about that just glad she wont be in my room because i dont think i could trust someone that i just met every again. that will be interesting and i will be sure to tell you all about it once the time comes! so stay warm wherever u are..its actually cooling off down here! but it feels pretty nice at the moment! kisses and love to all of u!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

still here!

i waited too long to write this, and now I'm gettin ready to go to work, but I wanted to let everyone know that i'm still alive! I'm VERY excited because I'm going home next week!!!!! and I can't wait! it's exactly what me and brian both need, so it will be perfect! anyway, i will try to write more a little later!
love u all!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

ready to come home

ok im ready to come home now..i miss i've said over and over again..things here are still not resolved..and i still dont really wanna talk about it until it is..i really enjoy working i met a family from california and they were buying 2 doggie bowls..i asked if they had dogs at home of if they were for them..they laughed and said, well one of them isnt for a dog..because they have a german shepherd and a chihauaha (sp?)..i said, ok who's it for? they said, its for our pig..i cant remember the name..i laughed and said, really? they said ya, he's a smart pig! he was housebroken in 2 days..when he needs to go outside he knocks on the door with his hoof..i giggled then the lady proceeded to get out her digital camera and show me pictures! it was a cute pig..she told me that in one of the pics she told him to smile..and u should see this pig! he's standing with his head tilted up looking like he was actually smiling at the camera! there was one of him in one of those kiddie pools was just too cute!
so since im missing fall i had to post my favorite pic from last year this time..anyway..hope all is well everywhere else. i love u all!

Friday, October 13, 2006

emotionally drained!

so a lot has been going on down here with me this week..and by a lot i mean, if i told u u probably wouldnt believe me! but im looking in to coming home for a few days in november and i must say that i am EXTREMELY excited about that! I might even get to have a mini-thanksgiving with my family..which REALLY makes me SMILE! theres so much about home i miss its not even funny..and maybe with all the drama going on here it makes me miss it worse, but its jus crazy..its not like i cry every night here about going home, cuz i still have friends here too..but theres just a lot i miss. i guess a lot of traditional i miss fall weather..even just seeing dead trees everywhere! i miss going to the cafeteria at shool with britt n erin, even tho the food was never that good..i miss the holiday's coming up and getting ready to gather with family..i miss-ed fall fair, even though its not as good as it used to be, but jus its being i miss...when i think about the christmas season i miss taking finals and getting the grades back and getting to go home for a month to do nothing but watch christmas tv shows and movies while i make cookies and fun appetizers for christmas parties..and spending ridiculous hours with friends also home for the season being our goofy selves..actually christmas season is just a whole other story..but i guess u get the point..i miss so much! anyway...jus keep me and my apt. and brian in your prayers please..we all really need it! love u all!

Monday, October 09, 2006

my fun weekend..that came to an end! parents were up this weekend..with emily..and wow..we did all 4 parks in 3 days..and hit like all the things that we wanted to do...with the exception of the backlot tour...but ya we went to magic kingdom friday morning..then came back around 5..picked up sam and went to epcot for the night..then saturday we went to animal kingdom and then came back..went to landry's for dinner..which was FREAKIN amazing..and then saw Cirque Du Soleile..and wow..the seats were great..and the whole show just blew all our minds! then sunday we slept in a little..went to downtown disney..and then did MGM studios at night..then this morning me dad and ema played putt putt..and i have to say that me and emily unfortunately tied..but we both beat dad! haha..and i got a hole in 1! which was really cooL! then they had to leave..and i really miss them..i had a lot of fun with them though! i slept in their hotel every i slept really good every night they were here..and i got away from all the apartment drama..which was also a big relief...but now im back to normal..but me and sam r goin over to brian's that will be fun..but goin to miss them! and i must REALLY missing fall..its one of the things i miss most..which means i guess i'll never be able to live here for good..cuz i LOVE LOVE LOVE fall..and i have so many good memories that accompany the ya..i need it! im also looking forward to next semester a lot..cuz im taking all online classes meaning i will get to live at home..and well..wherever! i plan on visiting friends that i dont get to see as often..and of course spending time with family..and photographing the rest of ema's senior year! and i will be able to do whatever since i can do all my work in my own time..i love it!anyway..i gotta go..but i posted a new album of pics from this weekend under allen family go enjoy!