Liz in Disney

Saturday, August 19, 2006

9 days left 'til sign in! this entire blog is dedicated to my experiences through the Disney College's for those who wonder how things are, want to keep in touch or updated, and is loaded with pictures!! So I guess this will be my first blog..
Well..I leave for the trip to Orlando in less than a week..and I can't believe it's already here!! For those of you who might be wondering..that handsome boy in the picture with me is my boyfriend, brian...he is also coming with me to we get to experience all of this together! I'm pretty nervous about how everything will turn out, but i know that no matter what happens I will grow tremendously as a person..and me and bri will grow as a couple! So the countdown begins..and the list of things-to-do is longer than ever!
Thats all for now,


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