Liz in Disney

Monday, January 01, 2007

update, but not the end!

happy new years everyone! sorry its been a while, but things have been incredibly busy and i've hardly had time to think! time has just FLOWN by! i cant believe i leave in a mere 3 days! i have sooo much i have to do before i go, but i wont have the time to finish it. im working up until i leave, so the next couple days will be PACKED! last night i didnt get home until 4:30AM! and i left for work at 3:45pm! it was a long day, but didnt feel as long as it really was. i was on glow from i got to see some of the fireworks and have my happy new years with a few friends who were in strollers. i kicked butt at glow last night though! There was a guy on it before me for a couple hours, but the cart made a total of 2,280 bucks! when i went to enter it in on our graph the closest amount i saw was 857..and to make things even better i was completely even when i counted it up..usually its always short because more than one person is on it, but last night it was the guy who opened it, and then me, so it was just the best way to end out the year and bring in the new!
so my family has been here too this was kinda hard though because i had 2 close friends leave while they were still here. but i think my time ended up being well-managed. lets eve i worked til 11 at night..baba and suzy came in that night..but i had to go straight home because i worked at 7 christmas morning..i worked til 2:30 then went to the airport to pick mom and ema was while i was waiting for them that i saw JC Chasez from NSYNC! i was like, im almost positive it was him especially since a bunch of stars were coming in for some big thing..anyway, i got them and we went over to their hotel and had TGI Fridays for dinner..then the 26th i worked at 5, so we went to MGM in the morning, and i have never seen such crowds..well, now i take that back, but at the time it was crazy...then the 27th i called out and we went to universal for the day..we ended up buying the fast pass which really saved us a lot of time even though it costed a lot of money. and we even got to meet spongebob, angelica from rugrats, and the grinch...the grinch was funny, he acted like the one from the jim carey movie..we came up and he said, ' touching' and when we left told us to have a bad day, ha..that night was a little hectic, but ema got to meet a lot of my friends from work for a little bit which really made me happy. they all thought she was exactly like me..the first thing she did when she came in was wave and apparently the way she waves is the exact way i do and they all started laughing. i was extremely happy she got to meet them and see who i've been with a lot of the time ive been here. so then the 28th was my day off and we went to THAT was crazy! magic kingdom maxed out that day at 9 in the morning, and i think all the parks did except epcot! that night we ate at Landry's, and it was amazing, best key lime pie ever! that night was my friend whit-work's last night, so ema was my moral support as i went and said good bye to really goin to miss her! then the 29th i got off early and picked up mom and ema and we packed allllll day..then i took them to the airport and that night me and the other roomies waited on whitney to get home to spend time with her because she was leaving the next day..well she was with her family until time was really cut short, but it wasnt her fault..then the next day i worked morning and then napped, then suzy n baba came over, we packed the car, then everything got cut short when we had to say good bye to whitney..then suzy and baba took me and allison to landry's for dinner. it was really a lot of fun! im goin to miss that girl like crazy too! i just wish i was closer to all of the roommates from the begining, but im glad we got close anyway. so then we went to downtown disney for a bit, came back and i said bye to baba and suzy..and that brings me up to last night, which i covered in the begining!
im a little behind on pictures on webshots, so im sorry about that, but like i said, things are crazy! well..not sure when ill get to post again, so if its when i get home ill be sure to have a big last post!
love u all and will see you soon!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

the sun still shines..but not today!

so things have been pretty interesting..after brian left i stayed in my room for a few days..then i finally whent back to work and started realizing i was going to be able to make it. thursday i spent the day at epcot with kristen, a girlfriend from work, then worked that night. friday was sam's big b-day bash at Cocoa Beach which turned out to be pretty boring..and really made me miss brian. saturday kailey took me and paola (her and sam's friend from niagra) back to the apartment to "get my car fixed". its unfortunate we had to do that, but there was no way i wanted to waste all my time being miserable..especially since her love interest would be coming up sat. night and i would have to see 2 couple who are obsessed with showing the world how they feel..(o ya..her best friend from home came up for the b-day stuff and brought her boyfriend..and i had to see them all over each other the whole time..i dont like seeing that anyway, but with brian gone it made things you really have to call each other pookie and sugarlips and kiss in front of us ALL the time?? lets just say meeting her best friend didnt go the way she described her.)...anyway..i ended up spending saturday wat MGM with kailey, paola, whit and her boyfriend who was in town for the weekend...which is a little ironic being that i didnt want to get upset cuz i didnt have my love..but see the thing is this..the whole time i spent with them and not ONCE did i feel upset or uncomfortable around them..of course i still missed brian..but they were great to be the fact that for some reason i immediately became her boyfriends favorite roomate of the house! he told whit that i was just so adorable and asked why me and whit werent as close..well i guess thats what triggered it..or maybe the fact when her boy left sun. we both were feeling that same emptiness..but either way we have been inseperable! and luckily we have off the same days next week..which is amazing since i had asked those days off to spend with brian and i thought i would be alone and it would make me we r going to universal and doing more disney stuff..o by the way allison bought our dinner on sat. night when she accidentally squeezed a piece of glass she found when licking whipped cream from a cup and it made her they ended taking care of our 98 dollar bill! it was crazy! annnnyway...on monday me and whit went to universal's citywalk, magic kingdom AND was great! then wednesday morning i got up at 8:30 to go to MGM with kristen..yes im surprised i actually got up that early for the parks with no family here..but it was great and i still had time to take a nap before work. then thurs. (today) we got up at 7:45 to go to the pin event..which is where cast members can buy pins for REALLY cheap..we had to wait for about 30 minutes to even get inside! and even longer for the line! then we ran to epcot and bought more christmas presents then off to was pretty depressing because i remembered that i had no pictures of me and brian from our high school graduation and he was so close to finishing and we could've had pics in our hats..the pics are cute..but i really wish brian was there with me to it kinda brought back how i really felt about disney again. then it rained..and kept raining..i worked at 5 tonight and had 'mousegear run' which is where i walk around to the stores in futureworld and pick up packages pushing a big bin..well i didnt have a rain coat and it was only i went the biggest store in epcot i came to find out that there were still packages from 12:30 that morning!! which is REALLLLY bad..considering there is a run at 11, 1, 3, 5, and it took me forever..and turns out the girl wasnt doing her job and well..more stuff but you wouldnt exactly know what i am saying..but she got in once i was almost back it waterfalled on me!! i was DRENCHED and my manager came up to our shop right as i had rolled in only for me to deliver the bad news that there were still more packages and i had to go back..even though it was pouring..he told me to try to dry off and wait a while for it to calm down..i just was sooo WET! everyone was feeling sorry for me and kristen dried me off..but i didnt really dry off all night..luckily the managers tonight were so appreciative and kept praising and thanking me for taking care of all the packages even though it was raining so bad..(i also did the 7 run) so i stayed wet all night..which was bad..and my manager kept saying he hoped i wouldnt get sick..when i got off my throat was im just praying that horrible cold wont come back..anyway..i work all day tomorrow and then me and whit r going to epcot at if anyone was wondering how things were..they are pretty good..i still miss brian more than anything, but more than that i just wish he could've been here to finish the program out with me..the end just came so quickly it gave us no time to figure out what else we needed to do...and i am so sorry he wont get to experience finishing it. anyway..all is well and im making it long as i keep busy and do as much as i can things tend to be all im stickin with that!! check out my pics!
love u all!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

yet another painful twist

So today was a very long, sad, and depressing day. For the past few days Brian has been suspended from Disney from last week..heres what happened:Last week was brian's parents visit down here..well they were scheduled to come in tuesday..and sunday night he worked til 2:45am...He was extremely tired considering he had been there since 4 in the afternooN, so he tried to get ERed(early release) and they said ok that he could get off at 1am..well..when 1am rolled around they changed their he ended up staying the whole time..the next morning he decided to call out since he was calling out tuesday to get his parents into the hotel and the fact that i was sick..and he was tired..and he took me to the doctors..well..wednesday he had off and took his parents to epcot..he wasnt feeling too good though, so he came home right after lunch..that night he skipped dinner and came over to see me(still sick) and ended up falling asleep the whole time he was here..thursday he was scheduled to work morning and would be off for plenty of time before dinner, but when he woke up he was feeling even worse, so called in to make sure it'd be ok since it was thanksgiving, and they said it was, so he stayed home and slept..after dinner his parents wanted to go to downtown disney or something, but neither of us was feeling well..fortunately i was starting to feel better, but unfortunately brian was getting worse..friday he had off, so he used his pass to get his parents and me into animal kingdom..well after a few hours there he started feeling worse so we were home by noon..that night after dinner we planned on going to see the mgm lights..well brian felt bad again and thought the night air wouldn't help his situation so again, we went home..saturday i had that morning we went to mgm but after lunch we went home because.....brian felt bad..he called out that night too..and we went to dinner again and were goin to see epcot's night show..but one more time..brian didnt think he could handle it..and that afternoon my throat was hurting again too..well the next day was his parents departure..they all came to the apartment, but good bye's got cut short when brian complained his stomach was hurting really bad so we said quick good bye's and he ran home..took medicine and went back to sleep..after calling out again..monday he had off normally and i had switched my shift with someone so i would have off too..we were planning on going to universal studios, but brian said he really didnt think he instead we spent the day laying around watching movies and letting him feel better..tuesday he goes back to work..well as soon as he came in at 7pm they told him not to clock in and called him into the office..they said that since he missed more than 3 days of work he had to be cleared by health services to come back to work..and since wed. was his other day off that week if he didnt go right then he'd be fired on the spot for being out of work 10 days straight...luckily health services closes at 9..but unluckily i was at the talent show and had no brian was calling me to get directions since health services is located at epcot's cast between acts it got quiet and i heard my phone ring..i picked up to a frantic brian telling me to get to somewhere i could hear..well i finally got him directions and he got there a little after 8..they cleared him and he went back to work..i thought everything was fine until i got a call at 10:20 telling me that they took his disney ID and told him he was under suspension until further notice..they also made him make a statement saying why he didnt go to the doctor and was out 5 days..which of course included the fact that his girlfriend was sick with the same thing and waited at the doc's for over 2 hrs. to get told to get a decongestant and plently of sleep and fluids...and that her roomate had the same y would he go to a the money and the time to get told the same thing??? HELLO! each day we waited and he called human resources and so did his dad..but they said to just wait..well friday they call to tell him he has a meeting saturday at 12..well im waiting and worrying and praying..and he calls me at 12:12 telling me things didnt turn the way we wanted them and he had to be gone by 11am on sunday..ya..imagine today has been long..and not necessarily in a good way..its hard to keep myself pulled together..every now and then i think of something else to upset me about it we didnt get to do this..and how we didnt get a picture there..and how i wont be spending christmas OR new years with him..or any of my family/friends who technically are family....i seriously could handle missing thanksgiving and even his b-day..but this time of year is the most important to me..its THE family holiday! theres so much we had planned for this last month its ridiculous..for weekend is sam's b-day bash on cocoa beach...he wont be there..we got off dec. 18 and 19th so we could definitly spend a good day at universal and attend the mickey's very merry christmas party..we were going to have a christmas apt. party where we watch movies and eat cookies..and the winter formal..and the graduation! just really sucks. i think ive said in most of my posts on here i dont know how i would've made it w/o brian here with me..and now he wont be. i know its jus one more month..and i know i have friends down here..but sorry..its just not the same..i know that there is a huge lesson that i will learn here..and i know it will be a GREAT growing experience for both of us, but that doesnt make it hurt any less..and make it any less harder..he's my everything and its hard to do anything without your everything! just pray that i make it..and that i will stop crying at the drop of a word or something every so often..even though its just a month..its the biggest month of the year..and i know once i get home we will still celebrate..but it wont be the same cuz everywhere else the decorations will be taken down already..i dont know..i guess really i have nothing else to say right now except that i hurt badly..i dont think ive gone an entire month without brian since maybe my freshman year of high school..and even while i was at college and was away from him weeks at a time..sometimes those weeks felt a lot longer..ugh..this just all really pisses me off and makes me hate the D company so much if they havent put me and everyone in my apt. through enough..this just is the candles on the sprinkles on the icing on the cake!

also..i know a lot of you guys will wanna call to make me feel better..and im not trying to be mean or anything, but i'd really appreciate if you wouldn't. right now i dont want to talk about it, which is why i wrote about it all in detail..i will let you know when im ready..but for now, please don't call..its nothing personal.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

good memories i had with guests..

so i was reading a friend from works blog similiar to this..and i read one where she wrote about things that happened at work with families..and i remembered, i havent wrote anything about it..its the one thing that makes me love my job! so im going to tell u a few that have really stood out to me.

a couple nights ago i was working strollers at night..and i was on the valet(taking the strollers from returning guests) and this family came up and was freaking out because the mom couldnt find the reciept and they were heading over to Magic Kingdom(it was about 7) and i asked the little girl (about 7) if they were going to the Christmas party..she said 'yep! are u going?' i said no..and she said 'o, u gotta work?' i said in a sad tone, yea, but u can go have a fun time for me..she replied, 'well, if it was up to me, you could come with us..or i would be a bus driver and i'd come in and tell your boss to let Elizabeth off work, then I'd drive you over to the party!' it was so sweet!!

one night i was working in gateway gifts..and this family from costa rica came in..they spoke barely any english and my puerto rican friend was talking to the mean time i went over and rolled a ball with this tiny little kid who was probably about 1..he could barely walk..after we got done playing his grandma said something to him in spanish..and he stumbled over to me and gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek!

another time i was in gateway there was a mom and 2 they were shopping the little girl (about 4) found something she wanted but walked smack into the glass shelf..she started screaming and crying..and the mom put her in the stroller and handed her the tinkerbell thing..i came down to her level as i see the bruise forming and she's still screaming..and i tell her that she is so pretty and asked her if she liked tinkerbell..instantly she stopped screaming and still had tears falling on her face, but she gave a smile and talked knodded..and she had a HUGE knot on her head!but it was sweet.

another time i was at strollers a family came to get a stroller and the daughter was all dressed up as a princess(about 7)..i called her princess and as i took her to her stroller, i asked her if she was prepared for princess duties..she was a little confused but the parents were just lovin it...i pulled up the stroller and told her to get in her carriage.i then told her to make sure to wave to each and every guest as she rode along in her carriage..then i asked her to practice her wave for me, and blow a kiss too..her parents were just smiling and laughing and loving every minute of was great!

i know i write a lot of posts about how much i miss home and how things havent been what i expected here..but its not as bad as it sounds..there are lots of times where i absolutely love working here..most of the time it gets pretty boring, but getting to deal with guests who are on vacation, and especially kids..i just love it! i dont know how many guests i've dealt with that when they left they were smiling and laughing..i love talking to people...and its great to make someone's day..its just, some days i get the bad, cranky people and they ruin it for i guess it just comes and goes..but its better when its more steady..which im sure it will be closer to Christmas..but i just wanted to make sure everyone knew that as much as i miss still enjoying parts of my trip..not so much disney as a company as much as the guests that come into disney and make my day.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

i love the kingdom!

So today I got off work at 4..and after applying for classes and everything and everyone took forever getting ready, me brian sam and adam went to magic kingdom. we didn't end up gettin there until it was about 6..and tonight they closed at 8..but we had SUCH a great time! i was really surprised at how much we did! We rode the buzz lightyear ride, then made the boys ride the tea cups (which spinning as fast as they spun it was almost not a pretty sight)..then tried the peter pan ride, but still too walked on haunted house ride..then walked straight onto splash mountain, where we got stuck for 5-10 minutes..but there was no one in front of us, or behind us, so we each sat in our own row in the was we were the only ones on the ride! so lots of pics! then walked right onto big thunder mountain..then did some shopping and got on the monorail a little after 8 and beat the crowd out! it was a short and sweet trip..and its finally getting cooler here..i was in a sweatshirt and jeans and felt just right..if not, a little on the cold side! but it was just great!! i love the magic kingdom!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Today I am Thankful

So I got to come home this past weekend and let me say it was just marvelous! and i have PLENTY of pics to show for it! being in tennessee was great..that saying really is true that you never know how much you love or appreciate something until its gone..because im tellin u..when me and brian got off that plane in our shorts and flip flops and heard it was 29 degrees...then we went outside and it was just all hit home..we had huge smiles on our faces and although mom was there with the trunk popped brian just stood there watching his breath come out of his mouth! and the whole way home..seeing all the beautiful tree's and remembering the roads and the way everything smelled up there..its weird that i've only been gone 2 months and i missed so much! even being in the house was weird cuz it was a familiar place that i had started to become unfamiliar with. then we got to each lunch with brian's family at Vittle's..and it was so cute..when we got to brian's house and hannah saw brian..she ran over to him and gave him this huge hug..and i looked at brian and he just hugged her back with another big smile on his was great..then i went to murfreesboro to drop brian off at his boy's house, and i went to see jessica! then i got to eat dinner with my family and britt at texana! i was so full though, but it was SO good!! then me em and britt stayed at baba's house laughing hysterically while we were warping our faces on suzy's mac book..then saturday suzy took me em and britt to the ut game..which was also a ton of fun! even though we lost it was great! and it really felt so good being in the cold! then that night we went to britt's where i got to see elaine and jim..and buster,ha..and we talked and talked then went to bed..then sunday i had an awesome thanksgiving dinner at baba's house that brian even got to come to for a while..and i saw some turkey's..tom, tommy, and thomas!(baba named them) they all came to see me!! then after dinner we all sat around and talked and played with suzy's mac book again! its really hilarious...ill have to put some of those pics on my webshots..then after a GREAT meal finished with pumpkin pie, duh! me and em headed over to brian's family party where they celebrated susan, susan's sister, hannah and nathan's birthday! that was also fun..they all opened presents, but i must say, hannah, by far, is the most exciting present opener around! and we got to all just visit and be together..then the next day me and ema went to tech for her college day..where she met with tech's cheer coach, then we went shopping! ha..then saw erin...then brittabee and her boy matt and ate at ihop..and had PUMPKIN PANCAKES! mmm..they were good! then after spending more time with britt and erin, me and em headed home and looked for dinner and went to china pan right before it was just AMAZING! ok, so tuesday me and mommy got up real early and went and got our hair cut..then did some shopping, got panera bread and headed home to eat it with dad and ema and hannah(not brian's sister)..then dad stayed home the rest of the day and we went bookshelf looking..for the playroom..then i was so exhausted i caught a small nap..instead of voting, which i should've done...then got up and went to an invitation-only lee anne womack concert for em's modeling thing with brian and matt and we didnt quite make it to the on-air audience, we were front row in the backstage audience and still closer than we would've ever been in was a taping for bio. live for the biography was kinda long but really interesting to see how that kinda thing worked! and she waved at me when she left! then wednesday came..i kinda woke up depressed knowing i would soon be leaving to go back to florida, but it was all much better when mom informed me of the cheer up lunch she'd take me on to china pan! (even tho she knew i went on monday night, she knows how much i love it!) so we actually talked to the bookshelf ppl to see if they could deliver that day instead of the saturday they told us, and surprise! they could..about me n mom rushed out, returned shoes, got stamps, ate lunch and went KROGERING!! right as they called and we had to rush we got the shelves and i just love them! i spent time fixing them up and cleaning my room..then started baking cookies while watching christmas movies..then em got home and joined us..then we made dinner and dad, baba and suzy all was also one amazing dinner! and the company was great too! so then we hung out and talked a while..then baba and suzy left..then me dad em and mom all played pictionary..which me and dad totally killed them! then ema dyed my hair, we watched some missed TV shows..cleaned more in the playroom, watched more christmas classics..and then i packed once ema fell asleep. then the next morning everyone woke me up to say good bye..then brian's mom brought brian over and we drove to suzy's..then said bye to izzy..and they took us to the air port where we said our final good byes and left. i was SO glad brian was there for me..thats one thing that has been a blessing for me..well, he always is, but being here and loving and relying on him also puts things into perspective for i guess you could really say i've learned so much from being down here..some of the things i already knew and just have started taking advantage of, but most of it has been news to me..everything, all in all, has been extremely rewarding to me, once i saw the good in it, and this year I can honestly say that I am so thankful for my family and friends, for the time I spend, for the places I stay, for the food I eat, for the people I meet, and especially for Brian.I love you all and thank you for all the support you all have given me.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

wonderful day

So today was almost perfect! Brian got off from work at 3:15 and when he got home and changed we went to....A PUMPKIN PATCH! allison, my roomate, told me about one in celebration, so I got online to look up the closest one..and it was at a methodist was pretty crappy and had barely any pumpkin left..and the ones that were there were rotting..but that wasnt the was just the fact that we were there that just made it all just after taking some pictures we left and went to walmart to get a pumpkin we could carve..while there we decided to have get dinner..and it was amazing..except they were out of rotessary (sp?) chicken..but it was ok..we ended up having chicken fingers, mac n cheese, seasoned green beans, sister shubert rolls, and.......mrs. smith pumpkin pie with whipped cream! and drank spiced was just perfect! and we watched wallace and gromit curse of the were rabbit...and then afterwards we carved our pumpkin..this year we decided to do something simple and traditional..his name is smiley..brian named him...and now we r watching the UT game and when the other roommates get home we are going to watch tower of terror! it was so nice having a date night with my briany..its been a REALLLLLY long time since we've gone or done anything actually by ourselves..and it was much needed. so now things are great...and we come home this week! yay! o ya..and on halloween we get a new roommate..not so excited about that just glad she wont be in my room because i dont think i could trust someone that i just met every again. that will be interesting and i will be sure to tell you all about it once the time comes! so stay warm wherever u are..its actually cooling off down here! but it feels pretty nice at the moment! kisses and love to all of u!