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Saturday, November 18, 2006

good memories i had with guests..

so i was reading a friend from works blog similiar to this..and i read one where she wrote about things that happened at work with families..and i remembered, i havent wrote anything about it..its the one thing that makes me love my job! so im going to tell u a few that have really stood out to me.

a couple nights ago i was working strollers at night..and i was on the valet(taking the strollers from returning guests) and this family came up and was freaking out because the mom couldnt find the reciept and they were heading over to Magic Kingdom(it was about 7) and i asked the little girl (about 7) if they were going to the Christmas party..she said 'yep! are u going?' i said no..and she said 'o, u gotta work?' i said in a sad tone, yea, but u can go have a fun time for me..she replied, 'well, if it was up to me, you could come with us..or i would be a bus driver and i'd come in and tell your boss to let Elizabeth off work, then I'd drive you over to the party!' it was so sweet!!

one night i was working in gateway gifts..and this family from costa rica came in..they spoke barely any english and my puerto rican friend was talking to the mean time i went over and rolled a ball with this tiny little kid who was probably about 1..he could barely walk..after we got done playing his grandma said something to him in spanish..and he stumbled over to me and gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek!

another time i was in gateway there was a mom and 2 they were shopping the little girl (about 4) found something she wanted but walked smack into the glass shelf..she started screaming and crying..and the mom put her in the stroller and handed her the tinkerbell thing..i came down to her level as i see the bruise forming and she's still screaming..and i tell her that she is so pretty and asked her if she liked tinkerbell..instantly she stopped screaming and still had tears falling on her face, but she gave a smile and talked knodded..and she had a HUGE knot on her head!but it was sweet.

another time i was at strollers a family came to get a stroller and the daughter was all dressed up as a princess(about 7)..i called her princess and as i took her to her stroller, i asked her if she was prepared for princess duties..she was a little confused but the parents were just lovin it...i pulled up the stroller and told her to get in her carriage.i then told her to make sure to wave to each and every guest as she rode along in her carriage..then i asked her to practice her wave for me, and blow a kiss too..her parents were just smiling and laughing and loving every minute of was great!

i know i write a lot of posts about how much i miss home and how things havent been what i expected here..but its not as bad as it sounds..there are lots of times where i absolutely love working here..most of the time it gets pretty boring, but getting to deal with guests who are on vacation, and especially kids..i just love it! i dont know how many guests i've dealt with that when they left they were smiling and laughing..i love talking to people...and its great to make someone's day..its just, some days i get the bad, cranky people and they ruin it for i guess it just comes and goes..but its better when its more steady..which im sure it will be closer to Christmas..but i just wanted to make sure everyone knew that as much as i miss still enjoying parts of my trip..not so much disney as a company as much as the guests that come into disney and make my day.


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