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Sunday, October 15, 2006

ready to come home

ok im ready to come home now..i miss i've said over and over again..things here are still not resolved..and i still dont really wanna talk about it until it is..i really enjoy working i met a family from california and they were buying 2 doggie bowls..i asked if they had dogs at home of if they were for them..they laughed and said, well one of them isnt for a dog..because they have a german shepherd and a chihauaha (sp?)..i said, ok who's it for? they said, its for our pig..i cant remember the name..i laughed and said, really? they said ya, he's a smart pig! he was housebroken in 2 days..when he needs to go outside he knocks on the door with his hoof..i giggled then the lady proceeded to get out her digital camera and show me pictures! it was a cute pig..she told me that in one of the pics she told him to smile..and u should see this pig! he's standing with his head tilted up looking like he was actually smiling at the camera! there was one of him in one of those kiddie pools was just too cute!
so since im missing fall i had to post my favorite pic from last year this time..anyway..hope all is well everywhere else. i love u all!


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