Liz in Disney

Monday, October 09, 2006

my fun weekend..that came to an end! parents were up this weekend..with emily..and wow..we did all 4 parks in 3 days..and hit like all the things that we wanted to do...with the exception of the backlot tour...but ya we went to magic kingdom friday morning..then came back around 5..picked up sam and went to epcot for the night..then saturday we went to animal kingdom and then came back..went to landry's for dinner..which was FREAKIN amazing..and then saw Cirque Du Soleile..and wow..the seats were great..and the whole show just blew all our minds! then sunday we slept in a little..went to downtown disney..and then did MGM studios at night..then this morning me dad and ema played putt putt..and i have to say that me and emily unfortunately tied..but we both beat dad! haha..and i got a hole in 1! which was really cooL! then they had to leave..and i really miss them..i had a lot of fun with them though! i slept in their hotel every i slept really good every night they were here..and i got away from all the apartment drama..which was also a big relief...but now im back to normal..but me and sam r goin over to brian's that will be fun..but goin to miss them! and i must REALLY missing fall..its one of the things i miss most..which means i guess i'll never be able to live here for good..cuz i LOVE LOVE LOVE fall..and i have so many good memories that accompany the ya..i need it! im also looking forward to next semester a lot..cuz im taking all online classes meaning i will get to live at home..and well..wherever! i plan on visiting friends that i dont get to see as often..and of course spending time with family..and photographing the rest of ema's senior year! and i will be able to do whatever since i can do all my work in my own time..i love it!anyway..i gotta go..but i posted a new album of pics from this weekend under allen family go enjoy!


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