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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

love bugs must die!

So i went back to work today. Felt a lot better! but these darn love bugs are killing me!! I've never seen or even heard of love bugs until i got here..and its their mating season..they are EVERYWHERE!! they fly into my face and mate at the butt...and are annoying as heck! i think their season is almost over..but if its not soon im gonna kill them all!!
as for other things..i just want to really thank all the letters everyone has been sending me! I get SOOOOOOOO excited everyday i see a letter for me! and i love all the notes of thank you all VERY VERY much!!! and Brian really appreciates it too..he was so surprised at how many birthday cards he got..and is still getting!! lets just say that he feels REALLY loved right about now! so from him, "Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH!"
and now for an update on pin trading..suzy mentioned that baba wanted to see what kind of pins i have, so i took a picture of both my work lanyard and my personal lanyard, and thsoe are now on my webshots..i know baba loves when she comes and visits i guess im just going to have to get her in on this fun trend! so for anyone else interested..go check out my cool pins!
well..thats about it for now..tomorrow i work 3-10 and that ends my work week until monday..and hey i get paid 125 tomorrow!! YAY!
not to mention i just bought the 6th season of gilmore girls..because it was released on tuesday and i am absolutely addicted to that it was sooo good to see what happened from last season..because i have been waiting to find out since april!! ha..i think i love tv a little too much, but tv on dvd is WAY better!
well..i love and miss you all very much..and am looking forward to seeing some of u very sooN!!


Blogger VolSuz said...

Should've warned you about the love bugs! Papa was always amazed by how many of them there were! He, like you, couldn't stand the things.....

4:48 PM  

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