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Monday, September 18, 2006


So I was at walmart yesterday and in the little debbie isle and guess what i found??? TASTY KAKES!! yes thats right! there were only 2 boxes left! but no need to worry, i got them!! can u believe it grandma and grandpa??? tasty the south! it was a very exciting moment for me, i must say, and no one was more excited than emily allen herself. she told me i had to get a lot and save them for when she visited.
anyway, besides the tasty kake excitement. we passed our first room inspection and met above expectations, so we got a box ferrer roschers!
and today was sort of a bad morning for me. i didnt get much sleep last night and worked 7-2, and felt bad as soon as i got up. i felt i was going to throw up, and actually kept gagging even after i left for work, and i felt like i had a fever because i couldn't cool off, and then yesterday i found this thing on the side of my face. its like some swollen thing by my ear and it hurts when i push on it. so if it is still there tomorrow i might get it checked out. i feel better now that i took a nap..and no matter what i will have to feel better because today is brians birthday!! he was supposed to work til 9:45 but requested early release, and he got off at 5:15..he had to run..and i dont know what hes doing now.
i guess thats it for sure to check out my pictures online..i have some great new ones!
love u all!


Blogger VolSuz said...

1st I've heard of Tasty Kakes.....must try one.

5:32 PM  

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