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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ok guys!
So today was my very first day of training! woo hoo..My trainer was really sweet and had a caribbean accent. She told me not to be nervous and that everyone I was going to be with would always be helpful and nice. So I reported to my location and then we got costumed..yes i look like a dork. And unfortunately I'm not going to be going to American Adventure..but thats ok, because I think I'm really going to like what I'm doing. After 2 hours of MORE online training we finally got to go to where we'd be working. today i got to learn strollers. I thought I would hate it, but I love it! I get to see all the kids..but today by the time we got out there it was after the fireworks..but it was fun..i saw a kid jump off this bench and i stopped and said 'trying to fly??' he smiled and nodded and got back up on the bench. i felt special. anyway, tomorrow I learn gift stop..which is a kiosk right outside the front gates..then i learn camera shop, a gift shop and "leave a legacy". so I'll be working until thurs. then i have off til monday. I'm really happy though..It seems so surreal when i was outside gathering strollers and i couldn't help but look up at the huge geographic sphere that epcot is known for..ya..I work RIGHT under it! its just so great..
anyway, brian's been off the past few days..and is tomorrow to..tonight he went out with one of my roomates and his roomate to magic kingdom..we also went last night..and saw wishes..and even got stuck in all the crowd after was bad, but he had fun..but once he starts workin he'll be working...he works til midnight friday..and then 1 am saturday..and even worse..1:45 on sunday! then next week he'll be working nights..while i'm working days..but luckily we both have off a day..
Well, I'm lovin my time down here..and everything couldn't be greater!
I love and miss you all..and love the e-mails i get after my STAY IN TOUCH!


Blogger Ilene said...

Hey Lizzy!

Congratulations on your stint at Disney! I hope you have a lot of fun! Being that we're close to the the Anaheim Disney parks, I've known lots of people who have worked for the Disney organization, and now their kids are, and they all love it! Have a great time learning the ropes!

Ilene in CA

3:21 PM  
Blogger Elaine said...

Hello Lizzy,
You look very professional in your outfit, you left me off of your blog list, but that's ok!!
Hope you have a great week!!!

6:48 PM  
Blogger brittany said...

hahahaha who's the dork in the gay outfit???? oh thats you....ummm...looks good...

3:15 PM  

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