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Thursday, September 14, 2006

bad couple of days with some excitement!

Hello all!
So like my title said, I've had a couple of rough days..well, the other day i felt like my roomates were mad at me for a reason i didn't know, but the next day i found i was just being paranoid..that's what u get when living with 5 other girls..mood swings. yuck..but everything is fine. anyway, that morning i was on my way to work at 6 in the morning and on my way into the bus i embarrassing! then later that day i was working at strollers and some how got 2 huge brown stains on my pants..i guess it was either chocolate or rust, but either way it was bad. and the time clock was messing my break kept being forgot, so i had to remind my managers. and the excitement part was that my mom dad and sis are going to visit the first week in october..and i asked off, twice, but couldn't get off..that was also bad..but today i talked to my manager and i think he's going to try hard to fix it..go figure, that brian got off all 3 days..but im REALLY looking forward to it..i miss my family..especially my baby seestor!
ok so as for today..I worked 8-3:30..and then me and brian hung out. and i got a nice package from suzy..and a letter from susan...both were wonderful and are hanging in my room..along with the letter my mommy wrote me too! thanks so much guys, it really made my day..and then my night got after me and brian went to downtown disney we were sitting in my car talking, because thats pretty much the best we can do for it got hot and i decided to roll down the windows, but then brian decided he's rather have the AC on, so we put the car on and heard a huge POP! o crap..ya..don't know what happened, but my windows are stuck down, and i cant start my car, or unlock/lock it..i called AAA and we're going to try to get it towed and get an estimate on it tomorrow. ugh..tomorrow i work at 4:30, so its almost like a day off because i get to sleep in, but now i have to figure out whats going on. As my dad said when i told him, "welcome to adulthood". woo freakin hoo..anyway, im glad that brian helped me out by calling and talking to the people at AAA. as he normally does, but still, i always appreciate it.
So now i have some clothes left in the laundry so i have to go get them out so i can go to sleep..i hope i didnt mess them up! o well..much love guys!!


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