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Saturday, September 09, 2006

im off today!

Hey everyone!
So today I got a little homesick..I miss my sister..and then I was going through my trash..well, I thought it was trash, but I found a letter from my mommy that she sent with a calendar I ordered but didn’t come in until after I made me miss home..i can’t believe its almost been 2 weeks! It seems like I’ve been here longer than that. But everything is going good.
I finished training this week and Thursday was my first day on the job without a trainer. It was an early shift..7 in the morning! And since I take the buses, my bus was at 6:15 meaning I got up at 5:45..whew! it actually wasn’t so bad because I made sure to get more sleep the night before..I worked on strollers..before epcot opened we had to wash off the strollers and push them to the front. It was me and another girl who had only been here a week longer than me, and neither of us knew what to do as an opener, so the manager had to point us in the right direction. I like all my managers except 1. his name is Jerry with a J..because there is another one name gerry with a g.ha..jerry with a J is scary..i guess he just expects everyone to know everything no matter what..he’s a lot older than most of the people and really grumpy..overall he’s just really scary! Anyway..I got to be videotaped for Disney we have “magical moments”..this is where we do something special for a guest and give them a certificate and make them feel someone wanted to tape us giving one..i think they might use it for a training video or something..but a family with 2 little girls came up to get a we let them rent it for girl gave them crowns..and I got to ask them for their autograph..of course, we called them princesses..and all that. I love my job..even though that was extra special I love to talk to the kids..whenever a family comes around I ask them if they are enjoying their day, what they are planning on doin, suggest a ride or 2, and talk to the “princess” of the family..its fun seeing the kids smile big when I talk to them..and most of them just love to tell u everything!
So as for the rest of my training…Monday I got trained on Gift Stop..this is right outside the gates to enter the park..this is where you would pick up a package if you got it sent to the front of the park instead of having to hold onto it your whole day..It’s also just a little shop..then Tuesday was “leave a legacy” and of course I loved it! I get to take pictures of people to put on the big’s a pretty good deal..u can get a picture of up to 2 people or some words written and they will put it up on metal on these big things in front of the big epcot ball..and it will stay there until at least you know I will have to go do that before I leave! Then Wednesday I got trained in the camera center and gateway gifts..they are both shops..gateway gifts has mostly souvenir random stuff..and camera center sells pics that were taken in the park, frames and camera essentials! I love it there because it feels like home! I love it all!
So after work on Thursday(I got off at 1:15) brian came and joined me and we walked around epcot..we went on soarin’, which was just as fun as ever, and to this place called Club’s really a neat place..u can sample different sodas from all over the favorite is from Israel and his fav is from Japan..then we went to Japan for was pretty good and inexpensive..then we decided to get our very own necklaces and starter sets for pin trading..It’s fun! At work its part of my costume..they start you out with 12 pins..if anyone comes up to u and wants to trade you have to trade..i usually keep one pin backwards which is “the mystery pin” this case if someone decides they want to trade with u for that one, they have to trade without seeing it..also you can only trade twice with a certain guest in one day..its another great opportunity to bond with the guests..but I decided I wanted my own necklace to trade outside of work..and brian thought it would be fun we got it all set up and traded with each other first..then got a couple cast members on our way out. Tonight brian is working and me and the girls are going to magic kingdom and im goin to make him trade with me! Ha..can’t wait!
Anyway, Thursday night we all went out to the clubs at downtown Disney. I was pretty excited because it was my first time at a club. Downtown Disney has 8 different clubs..and we get into all of them for free! So we went to 3..the first we went to was called Motions..but it played really random music so we left..then we went to the BET club..which mostly played rap then we left and went to 8trax…definitely my favorite! It was a retro club that played the older music..while we were there they played ‘everybody dance now’, ‘oh what a night’and some Michael Jackson song…and others..we really had a blast there! So theres pics on my webshots (the link in one of my first blogs). After that we went home..since some of us didn’t have to get up early we went over to the boys was me, brian, adam and sam..we hung out, talked, laughed, and had fun! I really do like it here..i just miss home too. I’d love to get if anyone out there gets bored one day..please mail me something! I think it’s even more special than a phone call to get something in the mail..because then I can read it over and over again!
Thanks again for all the feedback..and hope everyone is enjoying september! Don’t forget..brian’s birthday is coming up in a week and a couple days (the 18th)’s his 21st!
I love and miss you all!


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