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Monday, September 18, 2006

all about my new family

So I'm still awake and decided to let you all know about my roomates since I've had several questions about them. I'll start with the most distant and go from there..
Allison- From Texas. She works in Vacation planning. She's one of the girls who sits in the front of the park and helps you find the best package deal for your family. I'm very jealous of this job beceause it's what I wanted to do. She's fun, but never around. She goes out with her friends allllll the we barely see her.
Whitney- From New York. She works quick service food and beverage in MGM studios. I don't think she really likes her job, but since she gets paid a little more, she can handle it. She's fun to hang out with and love America's Next Top Model and Laguna u know i love her! She has a boyfriend at home, so she talks to him quite often.
Kailey- Goes to Niagra University and visits the falls often! pretty jealous..not sure where in New York she's from, but somewhere fairly close to her university I think. She lifeguards at the Yatch and Beach Club Resort. She only works 4 days a week, but they are 10 hour days. She loves to fact I had my first perogi the other day.. wasn't bad, but she laughed when I put ketchup on it! She's fun to hang out with, but when it comes to things being clean, she's a little OCD, which is ok.. most of the time.
Ashly- from texas. My immediate roomy. She works in costuming and is currently stationed at Beauty and the Beast in MGM studios. She loves being at the shows and says its a huge adrenaline rush every time a show is on. She's a theater major back at home, so that's probably another reason she loves it. she also has a boyfriend at home who she really misses, so she is usually online or on the phone. we've had some good girl talks though and for the most part we are on the same level when it comes to bathroom/sleeping and stuff like that, which is GREAT to have in a roomy.
Sam- from New York also goes to Niagra. let me just say, i LOVE sam!! she is my favorite roomy! she is goofy and reminds me a lot of friends at fact, she drives an alero..which reminds me of a certain best friend i left at home! we talk a lot and try to hang out even more. i had a blast going to magic kingdom with her! but sadly we've had to have some emotional talks about boy problems. Unfortunately Brian's roomate is a jerk and pretty much stabbed her along with all of us in the back. It's sad, but he's just one of those guys i guess. Back to sam...she also works at the yatch and beach club but in the resturant as a hostess. she has a cute dress she wears..that im jealous of!
Anyway, I already know when the time comes for me to leave its going to be REALLY hard to say good bye..especially to sam..but thats how life goes, and what doesnt kill me will make me stronger.

O..and if I haven't told you all exactly what brian does in his work here it is: He works in Tomorrow Land in Magic Kingdom. He also has multiple work cites..he works at Merchant of Venus and Mickey's Star Traders (which are both stores)..then there are like 4 different carts outside he can work at..and the Space Mountain Arcade..and finally as a zapper at the buzz lightyear ride..yep..he zaps pictures that dont follow "disney guidelines"..including, but not limited to, kissing, tongue stuck out, leaning out of the cart, and the peace sign (if held the wrong way). and thats about it..visit my pic site for a pic of him on the job!

i love you all and miss everyone!


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