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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

florida driving is HORRIBLE

So I went to the doctor today to tr to figure out what is wrong with me. Turns out I have a swollen limph node. and because of that, its why i've been feeling feverish and having headaches and just nasty. The doctor moved it around a little (which REALLY hurt) but he said it was good that it moved around because then it's not as serious. He put me on antibiotics (keflex..again..u know..the 4 pills a day thing) and said that if its not gone in 10 days then i have to come back to get a biopsy. hopefull it will be gone and everything will be fine.
So anyway..I HATE FLORIDA DRIVING! its no joke when they say orlando was the number one angry driver city..people are ridicously stupid down here..we almost got into multiple wrecks today..not to mention that i've used almost all my gas the past few days driving around TRYING to find where im going. mapquest sucks..and not to mention when u take a wrong turn u have to pay a toll!! and today we had to go through one that i didnt have change for and there was no one there to give it to us, so i just put as much change that i had and then left..i didnt know what to do! i just hate rodes down here. but i finally found a bank of america and deposited my checks! yay! and went to a super target..which is amazing!! i was in heaven! anyway..gotta go pick up my prescription!


Blogger Dad said...

Some almost like "Mono" Hmmm! Make sure you get enough rest.

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