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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

little homesick today

so i got to talk to baba this morning, and it was good to hear she's doing better. For those of you who didn't know, baba had been feeling weak and fell on sunday so she's currently in the hospital and they were running tests on her to make sure she didn't break anything and see what's wrong. She informed me that nothing is broken and suzy and dad both told me that they think she's getting some fever from a couple tick bites she has. Everyone please keep her in your prayers, but things are looking at least a little better, which was good to hear.
You know, I don't get real homesick until i hear from people at home..then it starts to make me miss everyone. and i really miss the fall weather everyone up there is enjoying. but going to super target to cheer me up and buy the new season of One Tree Hill! But I miss you guys a lot..and again, thanks for the letters everyone has been sending..they make me feel good too! I love you all!


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