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Monday, September 25, 2006


So Brian's parents came in this weekend to surprise brian for his birthday, and he was DEFINITLY surprised! They came and knocked on the door and me and Kailey just looked at him and told him to go get it since he was closest to the door..and i got my video camera ready when he turned around and looked at us with this look of "WHAT THE HECK?!?!"..i realized he looked through the peep hole..and we told him to open the door and they yelled..SURPRISE! he was in shock for the rest of the night..but he had to go to work at he did and then the next morning after he finally got up we went to animal kingdom. we got to ride the new rollercoaster there (expidition everest) and yes..even susan rode it! it was fun but i rode with my eyes shut so i wouldnt see the yetti..which is the scary monster thing that supposedly lives in the mountain that the coaster runs through. after walking around the park and getting both susan and mark into the whole pin trading thing, we went home to get ready for dinner. we went to Slueth's Mystery Dinner Theatre. It was funny and the food was good..we all had a great time. so then we went home to get ready for the busiest day of all..sunday..we left around 9 for magic kingdom. there we saw where brian works, rode a couple rides and of course, pin traded! then we headed over to mgm studios for our lunch reservations at the sci-fi that place is GOOD! after that we walked around and did some fun stuff..and of traded! ya..we really cleaned them out there! it was evident that a lot of the cast members toward the front of the park had just recieved new 'hidden mickey' pins..these are cast member exclusive pins meaning that you cannot buy them in we really got a big collection! then we went to walmart for some groceries where susan wanted to make sure that i was getting the right we bought some everyone can rest at ease..because me and brian got some healthy food! yay! then back to the apartments for a very short nap..and back out to the disney boardwalk where we ate at brian's new home..the ESPN sports bar..that is definitly the sport obsessor place to go..they even had tv's in the bathroom both over the stalls and by the sinks! i couldnt believe it! then after dinner we all 4 rode around the boardwalk on a quadricycle??? it was hilarious!! me and susan laughed the whole time..mostly because we stopped pedaling and brian and his dad had no clue! was a lot of fun though! then we walked around, and went to the arcade so brian would be happy..then went home..where we unfortunately realized brian lost his vista way id..but then we called the espn place and found out that it was we drove back to get it..and then back home where we said our was a fun, but exhausting weekend..and all i can say is..parents and ema..u better get enough rest before you come down here..because we also will have a lot to cram into 3 days! but i am really looking forward to it! and now i am going to take a nap before work..
thanks susan and mark for a wonderful weekend! it was great spending time with you guys and i know brian loved it toO!! i love you guys!

p.s. pictures to come on webshots as soon as i get the energy!


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