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Saturday, September 30, 2006

my day off

So today I'm off and have nothing to do. Brian is working..and so are most of my roomies. im so worn out though having a nothing day feels good.
So baba is at home and getting better! A relief for everyone to hear, im sure! and i finished my antibiotics yesterday and my limph node is no longer swollen, so thats also good! and this time next week i'll be with my mommy daddy and seestor! yay! so i guess that about covers it. Can't really think of anything else going on besides work. and food and wine festival started yesterday at epcot..and it was a lot busier! thats good! still pin trading..o and brian took me out thursday night, which was really nice. we went to downtown disney..ate dinner, pin traded, and saw a movie! it was very sweet and we had a great time! well..thats all for now..until next time!


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