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Friday, October 13, 2006

emotionally drained!

so a lot has been going on down here with me this week..and by a lot i mean, if i told u u probably wouldnt believe me! but im looking in to coming home for a few days in november and i must say that i am EXTREMELY excited about that! I might even get to have a mini-thanksgiving with my family..which REALLY makes me SMILE! theres so much about home i miss its not even funny..and maybe with all the drama going on here it makes me miss it worse, but its jus crazy..its not like i cry every night here about going home, cuz i still have friends here too..but theres just a lot i miss. i guess a lot of traditional i miss fall weather..even just seeing dead trees everywhere! i miss going to the cafeteria at shool with britt n erin, even tho the food was never that good..i miss the holiday's coming up and getting ready to gather with family..i miss-ed fall fair, even though its not as good as it used to be, but jus its being i miss...when i think about the christmas season i miss taking finals and getting the grades back and getting to go home for a month to do nothing but watch christmas tv shows and movies while i make cookies and fun appetizers for christmas parties..and spending ridiculous hours with friends also home for the season being our goofy selves..actually christmas season is just a whole other story..but i guess u get the point..i miss so much! anyway...jus keep me and my apt. and brian in your prayers please..we all really need it! love u all!


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