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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Today I am Thankful

So I got to come home this past weekend and let me say it was just marvelous! and i have PLENTY of pics to show for it! being in tennessee was great..that saying really is true that you never know how much you love or appreciate something until its gone..because im tellin u..when me and brian got off that plane in our shorts and flip flops and heard it was 29 degrees...then we went outside and it was just all hit home..we had huge smiles on our faces and although mom was there with the trunk popped brian just stood there watching his breath come out of his mouth! and the whole way home..seeing all the beautiful tree's and remembering the roads and the way everything smelled up there..its weird that i've only been gone 2 months and i missed so much! even being in the house was weird cuz it was a familiar place that i had started to become unfamiliar with. then we got to each lunch with brian's family at Vittle's..and it was so cute..when we got to brian's house and hannah saw brian..she ran over to him and gave him this huge hug..and i looked at brian and he just hugged her back with another big smile on his was great..then i went to murfreesboro to drop brian off at his boy's house, and i went to see jessica! then i got to eat dinner with my family and britt at texana! i was so full though, but it was SO good!! then me em and britt stayed at baba's house laughing hysterically while we were warping our faces on suzy's mac book..then saturday suzy took me em and britt to the ut game..which was also a ton of fun! even though we lost it was great! and it really felt so good being in the cold! then that night we went to britt's where i got to see elaine and jim..and buster,ha..and we talked and talked then went to bed..then sunday i had an awesome thanksgiving dinner at baba's house that brian even got to come to for a while..and i saw some turkey's..tom, tommy, and thomas!(baba named them) they all came to see me!! then after dinner we all sat around and talked and played with suzy's mac book again! its really hilarious...ill have to put some of those pics on my webshots..then after a GREAT meal finished with pumpkin pie, duh! me and em headed over to brian's family party where they celebrated susan, susan's sister, hannah and nathan's birthday! that was also fun..they all opened presents, but i must say, hannah, by far, is the most exciting present opener around! and we got to all just visit and be together..then the next day me and ema went to tech for her college day..where she met with tech's cheer coach, then we went shopping! ha..then saw erin...then brittabee and her boy matt and ate at ihop..and had PUMPKIN PANCAKES! mmm..they were good! then after spending more time with britt and erin, me and em headed home and looked for dinner and went to china pan right before it was just AMAZING! ok, so tuesday me and mommy got up real early and went and got our hair cut..then did some shopping, got panera bread and headed home to eat it with dad and ema and hannah(not brian's sister)..then dad stayed home the rest of the day and we went bookshelf looking..for the playroom..then i was so exhausted i caught a small nap..instead of voting, which i should've done...then got up and went to an invitation-only lee anne womack concert for em's modeling thing with brian and matt and we didnt quite make it to the on-air audience, we were front row in the backstage audience and still closer than we would've ever been in was a taping for bio. live for the biography was kinda long but really interesting to see how that kinda thing worked! and she waved at me when she left! then wednesday came..i kinda woke up depressed knowing i would soon be leaving to go back to florida, but it was all much better when mom informed me of the cheer up lunch she'd take me on to china pan! (even tho she knew i went on monday night, she knows how much i love it!) so we actually talked to the bookshelf ppl to see if they could deliver that day instead of the saturday they told us, and surprise! they could..about me n mom rushed out, returned shoes, got stamps, ate lunch and went KROGERING!! right as they called and we had to rush we got the shelves and i just love them! i spent time fixing them up and cleaning my room..then started baking cookies while watching christmas movies..then em got home and joined us..then we made dinner and dad, baba and suzy all was also one amazing dinner! and the company was great too! so then we hung out and talked a while..then baba and suzy left..then me dad em and mom all played pictionary..which me and dad totally killed them! then ema dyed my hair, we watched some missed TV shows..cleaned more in the playroom, watched more christmas classics..and then i packed once ema fell asleep. then the next morning everyone woke me up to say good bye..then brian's mom brought brian over and we drove to suzy's..then said bye to izzy..and they took us to the air port where we said our final good byes and left. i was SO glad brian was there for me..thats one thing that has been a blessing for me..well, he always is, but being here and loving and relying on him also puts things into perspective for i guess you could really say i've learned so much from being down here..some of the things i already knew and just have started taking advantage of, but most of it has been news to me..everything, all in all, has been extremely rewarding to me, once i saw the good in it, and this year I can honestly say that I am so thankful for my family and friends, for the time I spend, for the places I stay, for the food I eat, for the people I meet, and especially for Brian.I love you all and thank you for all the support you all have given me.


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