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Thursday, December 14, 2006

the sun still shines..but not today!

so things have been pretty interesting..after brian left i stayed in my room for a few days..then i finally whent back to work and started realizing i was going to be able to make it. thursday i spent the day at epcot with kristen, a girlfriend from work, then worked that night. friday was sam's big b-day bash at Cocoa Beach which turned out to be pretty boring..and really made me miss brian. saturday kailey took me and paola (her and sam's friend from niagra) back to the apartment to "get my car fixed". its unfortunate we had to do that, but there was no way i wanted to waste all my time being miserable..especially since her love interest would be coming up sat. night and i would have to see 2 couple who are obsessed with showing the world how they feel..(o ya..her best friend from home came up for the b-day stuff and brought her boyfriend..and i had to see them all over each other the whole time..i dont like seeing that anyway, but with brian gone it made things you really have to call each other pookie and sugarlips and kiss in front of us ALL the time?? lets just say meeting her best friend didnt go the way she described her.)...anyway..i ended up spending saturday wat MGM with kailey, paola, whit and her boyfriend who was in town for the weekend...which is a little ironic being that i didnt want to get upset cuz i didnt have my love..but see the thing is this..the whole time i spent with them and not ONCE did i feel upset or uncomfortable around them..of course i still missed brian..but they were great to be the fact that for some reason i immediately became her boyfriends favorite roomate of the house! he told whit that i was just so adorable and asked why me and whit werent as close..well i guess thats what triggered it..or maybe the fact when her boy left sun. we both were feeling that same emptiness..but either way we have been inseperable! and luckily we have off the same days next week..which is amazing since i had asked those days off to spend with brian and i thought i would be alone and it would make me we r going to universal and doing more disney stuff..o by the way allison bought our dinner on sat. night when she accidentally squeezed a piece of glass she found when licking whipped cream from a cup and it made her they ended taking care of our 98 dollar bill! it was crazy! annnnyway...on monday me and whit went to universal's citywalk, magic kingdom AND was great! then wednesday morning i got up at 8:30 to go to MGM with kristen..yes im surprised i actually got up that early for the parks with no family here..but it was great and i still had time to take a nap before work. then thurs. (today) we got up at 7:45 to go to the pin event..which is where cast members can buy pins for REALLY cheap..we had to wait for about 30 minutes to even get inside! and even longer for the line! then we ran to epcot and bought more christmas presents then off to was pretty depressing because i remembered that i had no pictures of me and brian from our high school graduation and he was so close to finishing and we could've had pics in our hats..the pics are cute..but i really wish brian was there with me to it kinda brought back how i really felt about disney again. then it rained..and kept raining..i worked at 5 tonight and had 'mousegear run' which is where i walk around to the stores in futureworld and pick up packages pushing a big bin..well i didnt have a rain coat and it was only i went the biggest store in epcot i came to find out that there were still packages from 12:30 that morning!! which is REALLLLY bad..considering there is a run at 11, 1, 3, 5, and it took me forever..and turns out the girl wasnt doing her job and well..more stuff but you wouldnt exactly know what i am saying..but she got in once i was almost back it waterfalled on me!! i was DRENCHED and my manager came up to our shop right as i had rolled in only for me to deliver the bad news that there were still more packages and i had to go back..even though it was pouring..he told me to try to dry off and wait a while for it to calm down..i just was sooo WET! everyone was feeling sorry for me and kristen dried me off..but i didnt really dry off all night..luckily the managers tonight were so appreciative and kept praising and thanking me for taking care of all the packages even though it was raining so bad..(i also did the 7 run) so i stayed wet all night..which was bad..and my manager kept saying he hoped i wouldnt get sick..when i got off my throat was im just praying that horrible cold wont come back..anyway..i work all day tomorrow and then me and whit r going to epcot at if anyone was wondering how things were..they are pretty good..i still miss brian more than anything, but more than that i just wish he could've been here to finish the program out with me..the end just came so quickly it gave us no time to figure out what else we needed to do...and i am so sorry he wont get to experience finishing it. anyway..all is well and im making it long as i keep busy and do as much as i can things tend to be all im stickin with that!! check out my pics!
love u all!


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