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Monday, January 01, 2007

update, but not the end!

happy new years everyone! sorry its been a while, but things have been incredibly busy and i've hardly had time to think! time has just FLOWN by! i cant believe i leave in a mere 3 days! i have sooo much i have to do before i go, but i wont have the time to finish it. im working up until i leave, so the next couple days will be PACKED! last night i didnt get home until 4:30AM! and i left for work at 3:45pm! it was a long day, but didnt feel as long as it really was. i was on glow from i got to see some of the fireworks and have my happy new years with a few friends who were in strollers. i kicked butt at glow last night though! There was a guy on it before me for a couple hours, but the cart made a total of 2,280 bucks! when i went to enter it in on our graph the closest amount i saw was 857..and to make things even better i was completely even when i counted it up..usually its always short because more than one person is on it, but last night it was the guy who opened it, and then me, so it was just the best way to end out the year and bring in the new!
so my family has been here too this was kinda hard though because i had 2 close friends leave while they were still here. but i think my time ended up being well-managed. lets eve i worked til 11 at night..baba and suzy came in that night..but i had to go straight home because i worked at 7 christmas morning..i worked til 2:30 then went to the airport to pick mom and ema was while i was waiting for them that i saw JC Chasez from NSYNC! i was like, im almost positive it was him especially since a bunch of stars were coming in for some big thing..anyway, i got them and we went over to their hotel and had TGI Fridays for dinner..then the 26th i worked at 5, so we went to MGM in the morning, and i have never seen such crowds..well, now i take that back, but at the time it was crazy...then the 27th i called out and we went to universal for the day..we ended up buying the fast pass which really saved us a lot of time even though it costed a lot of money. and we even got to meet spongebob, angelica from rugrats, and the grinch...the grinch was funny, he acted like the one from the jim carey movie..we came up and he said, ' touching' and when we left told us to have a bad day, ha..that night was a little hectic, but ema got to meet a lot of my friends from work for a little bit which really made me happy. they all thought she was exactly like me..the first thing she did when she came in was wave and apparently the way she waves is the exact way i do and they all started laughing. i was extremely happy she got to meet them and see who i've been with a lot of the time ive been here. so then the 28th was my day off and we went to THAT was crazy! magic kingdom maxed out that day at 9 in the morning, and i think all the parks did except epcot! that night we ate at Landry's, and it was amazing, best key lime pie ever! that night was my friend whit-work's last night, so ema was my moral support as i went and said good bye to really goin to miss her! then the 29th i got off early and picked up mom and ema and we packed allllll day..then i took them to the airport and that night me and the other roomies waited on whitney to get home to spend time with her because she was leaving the next day..well she was with her family until time was really cut short, but it wasnt her fault..then the next day i worked morning and then napped, then suzy n baba came over, we packed the car, then everything got cut short when we had to say good bye to whitney..then suzy and baba took me and allison to landry's for dinner. it was really a lot of fun! im goin to miss that girl like crazy too! i just wish i was closer to all of the roommates from the begining, but im glad we got close anyway. so then we went to downtown disney for a bit, came back and i said bye to baba and suzy..and that brings me up to last night, which i covered in the begining!
im a little behind on pictures on webshots, so im sorry about that, but like i said, things are crazy! well..not sure when ill get to post again, so if its when i get home ill be sure to have a big last post!
love u all and will see you soon!


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