Liz in Disney

Saturday, September 30, 2006

my day off

So today I'm off and have nothing to do. Brian is working..and so are most of my roomies. im so worn out though having a nothing day feels good.
So baba is at home and getting better! A relief for everyone to hear, im sure! and i finished my antibiotics yesterday and my limph node is no longer swollen, so thats also good! and this time next week i'll be with my mommy daddy and seestor! yay! so i guess that about covers it. Can't really think of anything else going on besides work. and food and wine festival started yesterday at epcot..and it was a lot busier! thats good! still pin trading..o and brian took me out thursday night, which was really nice. we went to downtown disney..ate dinner, pin traded, and saw a movie! it was very sweet and we had a great time! well..thats all for now..until next time!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

little homesick today

so i got to talk to baba this morning, and it was good to hear she's doing better. For those of you who didn't know, baba had been feeling weak and fell on sunday so she's currently in the hospital and they were running tests on her to make sure she didn't break anything and see what's wrong. She informed me that nothing is broken and suzy and dad both told me that they think she's getting some fever from a couple tick bites she has. Everyone please keep her in your prayers, but things are looking at least a little better, which was good to hear.
You know, I don't get real homesick until i hear from people at home..then it starts to make me miss everyone. and i really miss the fall weather everyone up there is enjoying. but going to super target to cheer me up and buy the new season of One Tree Hill! But I miss you guys a lot..and again, thanks for the letters everyone has been sending..they make me feel good too! I love you all!

Monday, September 25, 2006


So Brian's parents came in this weekend to surprise brian for his birthday, and he was DEFINITLY surprised! They came and knocked on the door and me and Kailey just looked at him and told him to go get it since he was closest to the door..and i got my video camera ready when he turned around and looked at us with this look of "WHAT THE HECK?!?!"..i realized he looked through the peep hole..and we told him to open the door and they yelled..SURPRISE! he was in shock for the rest of the night..but he had to go to work at he did and then the next morning after he finally got up we went to animal kingdom. we got to ride the new rollercoaster there (expidition everest) and yes..even susan rode it! it was fun but i rode with my eyes shut so i wouldnt see the yetti..which is the scary monster thing that supposedly lives in the mountain that the coaster runs through. after walking around the park and getting both susan and mark into the whole pin trading thing, we went home to get ready for dinner. we went to Slueth's Mystery Dinner Theatre. It was funny and the food was good..we all had a great time. so then we went home to get ready for the busiest day of all..sunday..we left around 9 for magic kingdom. there we saw where brian works, rode a couple rides and of course, pin traded! then we headed over to mgm studios for our lunch reservations at the sci-fi that place is GOOD! after that we walked around and did some fun stuff..and of traded! ya..we really cleaned them out there! it was evident that a lot of the cast members toward the front of the park had just recieved new 'hidden mickey' pins..these are cast member exclusive pins meaning that you cannot buy them in we really got a big collection! then we went to walmart for some groceries where susan wanted to make sure that i was getting the right we bought some everyone can rest at ease..because me and brian got some healthy food! yay! then back to the apartments for a very short nap..and back out to the disney boardwalk where we ate at brian's new home..the ESPN sports bar..that is definitly the sport obsessor place to go..they even had tv's in the bathroom both over the stalls and by the sinks! i couldnt believe it! then after dinner we all 4 rode around the boardwalk on a quadricycle??? it was hilarious!! me and susan laughed the whole time..mostly because we stopped pedaling and brian and his dad had no clue! was a lot of fun though! then we walked around, and went to the arcade so brian would be happy..then went home..where we unfortunately realized brian lost his vista way id..but then we called the espn place and found out that it was we drove back to get it..and then back home where we said our was a fun, but exhausting weekend..and all i can say is..parents and ema..u better get enough rest before you come down here..because we also will have a lot to cram into 3 days! but i am really looking forward to it! and now i am going to take a nap before work..
thanks susan and mark for a wonderful weekend! it was great spending time with you guys and i know brian loved it toO!! i love you guys!

p.s. pictures to come on webshots as soon as i get the energy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

love bugs must die!

So i went back to work today. Felt a lot better! but these darn love bugs are killing me!! I've never seen or even heard of love bugs until i got here..and its their mating season..they are EVERYWHERE!! they fly into my face and mate at the butt...and are annoying as heck! i think their season is almost over..but if its not soon im gonna kill them all!!
as for other things..i just want to really thank all the letters everyone has been sending me! I get SOOOOOOOO excited everyday i see a letter for me! and i love all the notes of thank you all VERY VERY much!!! and Brian really appreciates it too..he was so surprised at how many birthday cards he got..and is still getting!! lets just say that he feels REALLY loved right about now! so from him, "Thanks SOOOOOO MUCH!"
and now for an update on pin trading..suzy mentioned that baba wanted to see what kind of pins i have, so i took a picture of both my work lanyard and my personal lanyard, and thsoe are now on my webshots..i know baba loves when she comes and visits i guess im just going to have to get her in on this fun trend! so for anyone else interested..go check out my cool pins!
well..thats about it for now..tomorrow i work 3-10 and that ends my work week until monday..and hey i get paid 125 tomorrow!! YAY!
not to mention i just bought the 6th season of gilmore girls..because it was released on tuesday and i am absolutely addicted to that it was sooo good to see what happened from last season..because i have been waiting to find out since april!! ha..i think i love tv a little too much, but tv on dvd is WAY better!
well..i love and miss you all very much..and am looking forward to seeing some of u very sooN!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

florida driving is HORRIBLE

So I went to the doctor today to tr to figure out what is wrong with me. Turns out I have a swollen limph node. and because of that, its why i've been feeling feverish and having headaches and just nasty. The doctor moved it around a little (which REALLY hurt) but he said it was good that it moved around because then it's not as serious. He put me on antibiotics (keflex..again..u know..the 4 pills a day thing) and said that if its not gone in 10 days then i have to come back to get a biopsy. hopefull it will be gone and everything will be fine.
So anyway..I HATE FLORIDA DRIVING! its no joke when they say orlando was the number one angry driver city..people are ridicously stupid down here..we almost got into multiple wrecks today..not to mention that i've used almost all my gas the past few days driving around TRYING to find where im going. mapquest sucks..and not to mention when u take a wrong turn u have to pay a toll!! and today we had to go through one that i didnt have change for and there was no one there to give it to us, so i just put as much change that i had and then left..i didnt know what to do! i just hate rodes down here. but i finally found a bank of america and deposited my checks! yay! and went to a super target..which is amazing!! i was in heaven! anyway..gotta go pick up my prescription!

Monday, September 18, 2006

all about my new family

So I'm still awake and decided to let you all know about my roomates since I've had several questions about them. I'll start with the most distant and go from there..
Allison- From Texas. She works in Vacation planning. She's one of the girls who sits in the front of the park and helps you find the best package deal for your family. I'm very jealous of this job beceause it's what I wanted to do. She's fun, but never around. She goes out with her friends allllll the we barely see her.
Whitney- From New York. She works quick service food and beverage in MGM studios. I don't think she really likes her job, but since she gets paid a little more, she can handle it. She's fun to hang out with and love America's Next Top Model and Laguna u know i love her! She has a boyfriend at home, so she talks to him quite often.
Kailey- Goes to Niagra University and visits the falls often! pretty jealous..not sure where in New York she's from, but somewhere fairly close to her university I think. She lifeguards at the Yatch and Beach Club Resort. She only works 4 days a week, but they are 10 hour days. She loves to fact I had my first perogi the other day.. wasn't bad, but she laughed when I put ketchup on it! She's fun to hang out with, but when it comes to things being clean, she's a little OCD, which is ok.. most of the time.
Ashly- from texas. My immediate roomy. She works in costuming and is currently stationed at Beauty and the Beast in MGM studios. She loves being at the shows and says its a huge adrenaline rush every time a show is on. She's a theater major back at home, so that's probably another reason she loves it. she also has a boyfriend at home who she really misses, so she is usually online or on the phone. we've had some good girl talks though and for the most part we are on the same level when it comes to bathroom/sleeping and stuff like that, which is GREAT to have in a roomy.
Sam- from New York also goes to Niagra. let me just say, i LOVE sam!! she is my favorite roomy! she is goofy and reminds me a lot of friends at fact, she drives an alero..which reminds me of a certain best friend i left at home! we talk a lot and try to hang out even more. i had a blast going to magic kingdom with her! but sadly we've had to have some emotional talks about boy problems. Unfortunately Brian's roomate is a jerk and pretty much stabbed her along with all of us in the back. It's sad, but he's just one of those guys i guess. Back to sam...she also works at the yatch and beach club but in the resturant as a hostess. she has a cute dress she wears..that im jealous of!
Anyway, I already know when the time comes for me to leave its going to be REALLY hard to say good bye..especially to sam..but thats how life goes, and what doesnt kill me will make me stronger.

O..and if I haven't told you all exactly what brian does in his work here it is: He works in Tomorrow Land in Magic Kingdom. He also has multiple work cites..he works at Merchant of Venus and Mickey's Star Traders (which are both stores)..then there are like 4 different carts outside he can work at..and the Space Mountain Arcade..and finally as a zapper at the buzz lightyear ride..yep..he zaps pictures that dont follow "disney guidelines"..including, but not limited to, kissing, tongue stuck out, leaning out of the cart, and the peace sign (if held the wrong way). and thats about it..visit my pic site for a pic of him on the job!

i love you all and miss everyone!

He's finally legal!

So as you all know, today was brian's 21st birthday. To celebrate we went to Olive Garden for dinner. He bought his first alcoholic drink, but the weird part was that they didn't ID him and since I bought him dinner, I bought him his first drink!
He was extremely grateful to everyone who sent him a card. It made him feel good to know that so many people were thinking about him! Thank you all very much!
And now to celebrate, I am going to bed. ha. I had a pretty long day because I didn't get much sleep last night, he already went home, and its pretty quiet here, so BED TIME!
good night to all! and to all good night!


So I was at walmart yesterday and in the little debbie isle and guess what i found??? TASTY KAKES!! yes thats right! there were only 2 boxes left! but no need to worry, i got them!! can u believe it grandma and grandpa??? tasty the south! it was a very exciting moment for me, i must say, and no one was more excited than emily allen herself. she told me i had to get a lot and save them for when she visited.
anyway, besides the tasty kake excitement. we passed our first room inspection and met above expectations, so we got a box ferrer roschers!
and today was sort of a bad morning for me. i didnt get much sleep last night and worked 7-2, and felt bad as soon as i got up. i felt i was going to throw up, and actually kept gagging even after i left for work, and i felt like i had a fever because i couldn't cool off, and then yesterday i found this thing on the side of my face. its like some swollen thing by my ear and it hurts when i push on it. so if it is still there tomorrow i might get it checked out. i feel better now that i took a nap..and no matter what i will have to feel better because today is brians birthday!! he was supposed to work til 9:45 but requested early release, and he got off at 5:15..he had to run..and i dont know what hes doing now.
i guess thats it for sure to check out my pictures online..i have some great new ones!
love u all!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

bad couple of days with some excitement!

Hello all!
So like my title said, I've had a couple of rough days..well, the other day i felt like my roomates were mad at me for a reason i didn't know, but the next day i found i was just being paranoid..that's what u get when living with 5 other girls..mood swings. yuck..but everything is fine. anyway, that morning i was on my way to work at 6 in the morning and on my way into the bus i embarrassing! then later that day i was working at strollers and some how got 2 huge brown stains on my pants..i guess it was either chocolate or rust, but either way it was bad. and the time clock was messing my break kept being forgot, so i had to remind my managers. and the excitement part was that my mom dad and sis are going to visit the first week in october..and i asked off, twice, but couldn't get off..that was also bad..but today i talked to my manager and i think he's going to try hard to fix it..go figure, that brian got off all 3 days..but im REALLY looking forward to it..i miss my family..especially my baby seestor!
ok so as for today..I worked 8-3:30..and then me and brian hung out. and i got a nice package from suzy..and a letter from susan...both were wonderful and are hanging in my room..along with the letter my mommy wrote me too! thanks so much guys, it really made my day..and then my night got after me and brian went to downtown disney we were sitting in my car talking, because thats pretty much the best we can do for it got hot and i decided to roll down the windows, but then brian decided he's rather have the AC on, so we put the car on and heard a huge POP! o crap..ya..don't know what happened, but my windows are stuck down, and i cant start my car, or unlock/lock it..i called AAA and we're going to try to get it towed and get an estimate on it tomorrow. ugh..tomorrow i work at 4:30, so its almost like a day off because i get to sleep in, but now i have to figure out whats going on. As my dad said when i told him, "welcome to adulthood". woo freakin hoo..anyway, im glad that brian helped me out by calling and talking to the people at AAA. as he normally does, but still, i always appreciate it.
So now i have some clothes left in the laundry so i have to go get them out so i can go to sleep..i hope i didnt mess them up! o well..much love guys!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

sorry guys!!

So yesterday when I talked to my dad he mentioned that he like brittany's comment on one of my recent blogs..i had no clue what he was talking about until he told me that people were leaving me comments!!! I just now got a chance to read them..and thanks so much guys! They made me happy..and im glad to see how many people are reading thanks for the comments..ill try to keep looking for comments..or figure out how to make them notify me.

As for today..whew! I worked 7-2..which isnt really a bad shift..unless your not used to getting up realllly early! so i was in bed by 8:30 last night..i slept about an hour..then was woke up..i tried to go back to sleep..but it wasnt happenin..i tossed and turned for about 2 hours..then finally got up..talked to my roomies..then me and my immediate roomy watched the munsters! I ended up stayin up later than i planned and it was almost 2 in the i went ahead and stayed up til brian got home so i could see him since i wouldn't be seeing him today..then i had about 3 hours of sleep left..still had problems..too hot..too cold...and everytime i fell asleep some noise woke me up! so i really didnt get much sleep last night..o was VERY slow today..i worked in gift stop..which is a smaller gift shop and we are outside of the park so we get all the people who come early to the park..pretty much the only business we got was from to entertain myself..i walked around the shop not stepping on any cracks in the tiles..then i tried to see how close i could get to the electronic doors without them opening..ya..i was pretty bored! so now im home..and just found out i might be seein some family soon! yay! and now im going to go take a nap..i work days this week..and brian works night, but we are both off saturday..and guess what we're goin to do???? GO TO THE BEACH!! im verrrrrrry excited! Cocoa Beach is actually like 35 min. away...which is reallllly great! Can't wait! now i have to go take a nap so i dont fall asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejkfdann a

Saturday, September 09, 2006

im off today!

Hey everyone!
So today I got a little homesick..I miss my sister..and then I was going through my trash..well, I thought it was trash, but I found a letter from my mommy that she sent with a calendar I ordered but didn’t come in until after I made me miss home..i can’t believe its almost been 2 weeks! It seems like I’ve been here longer than that. But everything is going good.
I finished training this week and Thursday was my first day on the job without a trainer. It was an early shift..7 in the morning! And since I take the buses, my bus was at 6:15 meaning I got up at 5:45..whew! it actually wasn’t so bad because I made sure to get more sleep the night before..I worked on strollers..before epcot opened we had to wash off the strollers and push them to the front. It was me and another girl who had only been here a week longer than me, and neither of us knew what to do as an opener, so the manager had to point us in the right direction. I like all my managers except 1. his name is Jerry with a J..because there is another one name gerry with a g.ha..jerry with a J is scary..i guess he just expects everyone to know everything no matter what..he’s a lot older than most of the people and really grumpy..overall he’s just really scary! Anyway..I got to be videotaped for Disney we have “magical moments”..this is where we do something special for a guest and give them a certificate and make them feel someone wanted to tape us giving one..i think they might use it for a training video or something..but a family with 2 little girls came up to get a we let them rent it for girl gave them crowns..and I got to ask them for their autograph..of course, we called them princesses..and all that. I love my job..even though that was extra special I love to talk to the kids..whenever a family comes around I ask them if they are enjoying their day, what they are planning on doin, suggest a ride or 2, and talk to the “princess” of the family..its fun seeing the kids smile big when I talk to them..and most of them just love to tell u everything!
So as for the rest of my training…Monday I got trained on Gift Stop..this is right outside the gates to enter the park..this is where you would pick up a package if you got it sent to the front of the park instead of having to hold onto it your whole day..It’s also just a little shop..then Tuesday was “leave a legacy” and of course I loved it! I get to take pictures of people to put on the big’s a pretty good deal..u can get a picture of up to 2 people or some words written and they will put it up on metal on these big things in front of the big epcot ball..and it will stay there until at least you know I will have to go do that before I leave! Then Wednesday I got trained in the camera center and gateway gifts..they are both shops..gateway gifts has mostly souvenir random stuff..and camera center sells pics that were taken in the park, frames and camera essentials! I love it there because it feels like home! I love it all!
So after work on Thursday(I got off at 1:15) brian came and joined me and we walked around epcot..we went on soarin’, which was just as fun as ever, and to this place called Club’s really a neat place..u can sample different sodas from all over the favorite is from Israel and his fav is from Japan..then we went to Japan for was pretty good and inexpensive..then we decided to get our very own necklaces and starter sets for pin trading..It’s fun! At work its part of my costume..they start you out with 12 pins..if anyone comes up to u and wants to trade you have to trade..i usually keep one pin backwards which is “the mystery pin” this case if someone decides they want to trade with u for that one, they have to trade without seeing it..also you can only trade twice with a certain guest in one day..its another great opportunity to bond with the guests..but I decided I wanted my own necklace to trade outside of work..and brian thought it would be fun we got it all set up and traded with each other first..then got a couple cast members on our way out. Tonight brian is working and me and the girls are going to magic kingdom and im goin to make him trade with me! Ha..can’t wait!
Anyway, Thursday night we all went out to the clubs at downtown Disney. I was pretty excited because it was my first time at a club. Downtown Disney has 8 different clubs..and we get into all of them for free! So we went to 3..the first we went to was called Motions..but it played really random music so we left..then we went to the BET club..which mostly played rap then we left and went to 8trax…definitely my favorite! It was a retro club that played the older music..while we were there they played ‘everybody dance now’, ‘oh what a night’and some Michael Jackson song…and others..we really had a blast there! So theres pics on my webshots (the link in one of my first blogs). After that we went home..since some of us didn’t have to get up early we went over to the boys was me, brian, adam and sam..we hung out, talked, laughed, and had fun! I really do like it here..i just miss home too. I’d love to get if anyone out there gets bored one day..please mail me something! I think it’s even more special than a phone call to get something in the mail..because then I can read it over and over again!
Thanks again for all the feedback..and hope everyone is enjoying september! Don’t forget..brian’s birthday is coming up in a week and a couple days (the 18th)’s his 21st!
I love and miss you all!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ok guys!
So today was my very first day of training! woo hoo..My trainer was really sweet and had a caribbean accent. She told me not to be nervous and that everyone I was going to be with would always be helpful and nice. So I reported to my location and then we got costumed..yes i look like a dork. And unfortunately I'm not going to be going to American Adventure..but thats ok, because I think I'm really going to like what I'm doing. After 2 hours of MORE online training we finally got to go to where we'd be working. today i got to learn strollers. I thought I would hate it, but I love it! I get to see all the kids..but today by the time we got out there it was after the fireworks..but it was fun..i saw a kid jump off this bench and i stopped and said 'trying to fly??' he smiled and nodded and got back up on the bench. i felt special. anyway, tomorrow I learn gift stop..which is a kiosk right outside the front gates..then i learn camera shop, a gift shop and "leave a legacy". so I'll be working until thurs. then i have off til monday. I'm really happy though..It seems so surreal when i was outside gathering strollers and i couldn't help but look up at the huge geographic sphere that epcot is known for..ya..I work RIGHT under it! its just so great..
anyway, brian's been off the past few days..and is tomorrow to..tonight he went out with one of my roomates and his roomate to magic kingdom..we also went last night..and saw wishes..and even got stuck in all the crowd after was bad, but he had fun..but once he starts workin he'll be working...he works til midnight friday..and then 1 am saturday..and even worse..1:45 on sunday! then next week he'll be working nights..while i'm working days..but luckily we both have off a day..
Well, I'm lovin my time down here..and everything couldn't be greater!
I love and miss you all..and love the e-mails i get after my STAY IN TOUCH!